Q. What Is Title 24 Compliance?

A. In 1978, Title 24, Part 6, of the California Code of Regulations required certain specifications be met for the energy efficiency standards of all California buildings. The standards are updated on occasion, most recently in January of 2010. Sunset Roofing Company Inc. is ready to work with you and your company to provide the upgrades necessary to meet the new standards.

Q. Why Choose Sunset Roofing Company Inc.?

A. Sunset Roofing Company Inc. has more than 25 years of experience in the roofing and construction industry. We’re also proud to remain a locally owned and operated company and not part of any corporate chain. This allows us to work directly with you, the client. You’ll deal directly with our owner and get estimates you deserve without a middleman.

Q. Do You Only Work On Houses?

A. Not at all! Sunset Roofing Company Inc. has worked with commercial and industrial clients as well as residential customers. We also have extensive experience with Homeowners' Associations