J Izumi
Angies List
  • Great workmanship
  • Quality product & installation
  • Professional, Knowledgeable Crew
  • Took time to answer questions
  • Accommodated preferences during  installation
  • Completed in a timely fashion
Sandy F
Angies List
They worked in a timely fashion and we were happy with it. They figured out that that the leaks were from the roof and not the windows. They fixed it quickly and we have been totally happy. We have no leaks. They were nice to work with. We were perfectly comfortable with them and they were reasonably priced. I would recommend them to others.
Cheryl G
Angies List
Sunset Roofing has been excellent. They did a great job. They have always been extremely accommodating and helpful. If there are any problems they are more than willing to help out. They were always straight forward and very quick. It was very easy to work with them. They got the roof installed within a week. The price was very good.
Charlotte M
It went fantastic and they recommended an additional extension that worked out well.
Judith L
Angies List
They did a really good job. They did a good job of cleaning up. They made sure the edge of the roof was correct. They also blocked off the area where insulation was getting into the kitchen from another job we had done when we had new cabinets installed in the kitchen. They got the job done in no more than 2 days. I think they had a reasonable price for the work that they did.
Susan m
Angies List
They were really good. They were very professional and did what they said they were going to do. Their pricing was good. I had a problem with the ceiling fan and he didn’t think it was caused from the job. He was willing and ready to come and check it out. I have nothing but good things to say about them. They finished the job on time and everything they did was right on the money.
Everett S
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Sunset re-roofed our home. There were no problems. When a kitchen vent original to the house that they did not install caused water to come in they returned and replaced it at no cost even though it was not really part of their work.
Gwen B
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It was the most pleasant experience I have had spending this much money.  They went out of their way to take the roof off on a Sunday so they could start the new roof on a Monday.  They were extremely professional and they did a magnificent job in the cleanup.
Cheryl G
Angies List
They are always very responsive.  They came fairly soon after I called.  They have never forgotten us.  Their prices are fair.  I was very satisfied.  I would recommend them to anyone who needs roofing services.
Brigitte N
Angies List
Took off 4 layers of roofing on old home. ( I thought I only had three.) Blew in new insulation. Repaired all old and damaged wood that couldn't be repaired before the roof was off. Took out redundant vent pipe. Installed new roof and torch down on flat roof area. Painted wood as needed.
Member Comments:
Excellent crew, cleaned up after they left everyday. Came on time. Respectful and courteous. This is an older home in Hillcrest/Mission Hills, has settling and uneven roof line. The carpenter had to get creative and know his craft to compensate for some of the disparity as he was working. Did a very good job. The edge of the roof on one side isn't straight, but he did his best to make it appear so. They fixed any nick or dings they made to my home exterior. Roof looks great. It was dirty, dusty, noisy, but working with this company made it all worthwhile. I'm very pleased with the whole experience. The owner, Glenn Ferraco, had much appreciated follow through and came back several times to plaster a gap that opened up between the ceiling and the wall in my bedroom when the weight was lifted from the roof. He tied back the phone lines that were left hanging away from the home and put wood over holes in a cupboard over my range so insulation wouldn't fall through from the ceiling. Fixed a few shelves so I could use them more efficiently. His work ethic carries over to his crew.
Guy G
Angies List
I contacted Sunset Roofing for water in the patio after the heavy rain. Glenn came out and after inspecting the roof told me that the water leak was from the faulty aluminum patio roof and not related to the house roof. Sunset roofing had replaced the leaking attached garage roof years ago.  Glenn said that the remaining roof had a few more years but that dry rot was occurring on some of the eaves and I might want to eventually address the problem.  However, rather than wait until the roof had problems again we decided to replace the remaining old roofing.  The crew did a great job.   But after the new roof was put on the house was noticeably warmer.  I phoned Glenn and decided to add a roof whirlybird to help with the attic ventilation.  The crew came out immediately and added the whirlybird.  They also placed a gutter over the roof edge connecting to the patio to divert the rain water away from the old aluminum patio roof.  Now, that is just great service.
Sandy T
Angies List
Removed old roofing material, replaces wood as needed, installed proper roofing material  and thermal ply for additional insulation.  The work crew was professional and the completed job exceeded our expectations.  Would highly recommend Sunset Roofing.
Member Comments:
Extremely well from beginning to end.
James M
Glenn and Sunset replace our entire concrete tile roof. Unfortunately the original tile manufacturer is no longer in business, so we needed to use a slightly different style and color of tile. Glenn provided us with several different samples and patiently waited (mid-job) for final approval from our homeowners' association. His team seemed very competent and professional and did an excellent job. They had to replace the fascia where our satellite dish was attached and the dish was aligned perfectly after the replacement. Clean-up was important to them. I think their price may be on the high side--we got a significantly lower bid from another company, but didn't trust them and we did trust Glenn (his worked had been highly recommended) so we went with Sunset.
Scott M
Angies List
I was considering a remodeling project that would impact enough of my roof that it might be worthwhile to just go ahead and re-roof. I called Sunset Roofing to give me an estimate of how much longer my current roof might last. I knew how long ago I'd had my current roof installed and about how much longer it should last based on the warranty. Glenn Ferraco not only didn't try to sell me a new roof but his estimate of remaining roof life left was spot on. He then offered to give me an estimate for a new roof just in case I wanted to go ahead. I was willing to pay a little something for this service but he didn't charge. A very pleasant man and very easy to deal with and communicate with. I will be calling him when the time does come for a new roof.
Brigitte N.
Yelp Review
Sunset Roofing met my expectations and more. Experienced crew, came on time, courteous, cleaned up after they left everyday. This is an old house with some settling, the roofline sags. They removed 4 layers of old roofing, blew in new insulation, replaced damaged wood. Installed new roof and torch down on flat part of roof. Carpenter applied his experience and skills to manage disparity in roof line. The roof edge looks practically straight. Any nicks or dings to home exterior were fixed. Glenn Ferraco, the owner, is experienced, knowledgeable and has an excellent work ethic that is reflected in his crew. He came back several times to follow-up after his crew were done to tie back telephone and cable lines, fix a gap in my BR ceiling and patch up a hole in a cupboard over my kitchen range so insulation wouldn't fall through. Truly, as good as it gets.
Heather W.
Yelp Review
"at least I have a roof over my head." ive thought long and hard about what was a worthy business to be the grand 500th, and reviewing the company that put a new roof over my head seemed quite appropriate. part of me says 'Poor Glenn.' [owner of Sunset Roofing]. I met him with a defensive face, given I was sharing this huge home improvement project with my shared roof neighbor in my HOA community. We didnt exactly see eye to eye on things, and I was stressed about "caving" on certain aspects i thought were wrong decisions for our structure. Worried about picking the wrong roofer, the wrong approach, the wrong materials. Enter Glenn, who suggested coming out to speak in person with me after already meeting with my neighbor and providing his quote. There is definitely something special to say about small, local businesses. on top of offering the most competitive quote out of the handful we collected, he: - spent a good couple hours answering every question i had about roof-over vs tear down, his procedures, stated how he personally oversees every single job. went back on top of the roof for another inspection and to address my concerns (original roof, nearly 30 years old with minimal care from past owners). sometimes you just gotta look someone in the eyes to really trust them and be put at ease. Glenn did that. - offered an 'online coupon' for several free roof venting...but went further to offer FREE installation of a solar attac fan I considered purchasing (and did btw, $300/free shipping from costco, 30% federal tax rebate). - personally came back and dropped off a shingle sample when I was debating color choices (who cares about roof shingle color?? who notices? yeah, lol me.) - picked up the phone every single time i called during business hours. - Was always personable, patient, and available to answer questions and kept me in the loop - and after the job was completed, came back on his own personal time to install my solar fan remote when he didnt even have to. can we say wow? in the end, a roof is a roof is a roof. most companies are going to do a good, competent job (and yes, my roof looks great and hello, my rain gutters function finally!). but getting that personal touch isnt always attainable. working directly with the owner of a home improvement company isnt always attainable. its the experience thats different and if you want a great experience i suggest you consider sunset roofing. Glenn will give you all these contractual details about materials, warranty etc, but I offer the little things that makes his company awesome.
Ron Durrett
Broker Associate - Century 21 Award
I highly recommend Sunset Roofing Company, and Glenn Ferraco for anyone’s roofing needs. Being a Real Estate Broker in the East County for 30 years, I have had many roofing needs. In addition to coordinating new roof installations and repairs pertaining to real estate transactions I have been involved in, Glenn has also installed roofs on my personal residence, on my investment properties, and for many of my friends. I have always found Sunset Roofing Company to be competitive in pricing and to meet the deadlines for roofing work which can be critical in a real estate transaction.
Cheri Gittens
Last year I contacted four well-established, local roofing companies to replace my large, 33 year old shake shingle roof. I had high utility bills, and a unique problem of three rooms with tongue and groove ceilings, and no insulation. Glenn at Sunset Roofing was the first professional to quickly evaluate the problem, offer an excellent solution, and for the most reasonable quote. The crew worked efficiently without excessive clutter and cleaned up at the end of each day. Glenn was highly professional and even returned when I had a rain gutter problem, suggesting exactly what needed to be done that the rain gutter company had overlooked. Glenn just completed satisfactorily repairing and roofing my apartment complex as well. I have referred business associates and friends to Sunset Roofing who are pleased with the work, and I will continue to do so with confidence.